Research & Technology

Research & Development

Research Area

  • Radio Frequency Power Amplifier Design:

    Efficiency enhancement in Power Amplifiers: Doherty, Chireix outphasing amplifiers, Waveform Engineering (Class E/F, B/J, etc.) based Octave & Multi-octave power amplifiers etc.

  • On-chip Power Amplifiers:

    Gallium Nitride MMIC Design, SiGe BiCMOS based millimeter wave design, RF mixed signal CMOS design etc.

  • Embedding System Design for Radio development:

    Multi-functional RF design, Delta Sigma Modulation for all-digital transmitters, radio functionality in wireless transmitters such as predistortion, beam forming etc.

  • High Power Device Characterization & Modeling:

    Bias dependent s-parameters measurement, Nonlinear De-embedding/embedding, nonlinear vector network analysis, Large Signal Modeling (Angelov Model for GaN HEMT Design)

International Collaborators

  1. Prof. Fadhel Ghannouchi, University of Calgary, Canada
  2. Prof. M. Helaoui, University of Calgary, Canada
  3. Prof. Patrick Roblin, Ohio State University, USA,
  4. Prof. Wenhua Chen, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  5. Prof. Francisco Falcone, Universidad Publica de Navarra, UPNA, Spain

Research Facility

  • High Power Nonlinear Device Characterization & Modeling (GaN HEMT):

    Key Equipment: Focus Load Pull & Software, Auriga Pulsed-IV system, Keysight Vector Network Analyzer, Cascade Probe Station, Focus Test-Jigs

Research facility 1
  • On-Chip Characterization up to 67 GHz:

    Key Equipment: Keysight Nonlinear Vector Network Analyzer (X-Parameter features), Cascade Probe Station

Research facility 2
  • Wireless Communication Test-Bedupto 6 GHz:

    Key Equipment: Keysight Vector Signal Analyzer, Keysight Vector Signal Generator, Keysight Power Supplies, Analog Device ZC706 & AD9371 Software Design Radio (SDR) setup, Alterra Stratix-II GX.

Sponsors and Projects

Sponsors / Industry Partners

External Funding (Funds Generated)

An overall funding of Rs. 694.75 Lacs (~ USD: 0.93 M) have been generated from various sponsors for research projects and consultancy work.


Ongoing Projects:

Sl No Title Duration Sponsored By
1 Design of Airborne Power Amplifiers for L-band and UHF frequency range. 2020-2022
Role: PI
DEAL, DRDO Government of India
2 Power Amplifier Design at 47 GHz using SiGeBiCMOS Technology for 5G Applications” under University Partnership Program. 2021-2023
Role: PI
Global Foundries
3 Wideband Gallium Nitride Based Outphasing Power Amplifier for Upcoming 5G Wireless Transmitters. 2019-2022
Role: PI
Extra Mural (SERB Government of India)
4 Nonlinear GaN HEMT Device Characterization for Power Amplifier Design and Implementation at X-Band frequencies. 2019-2022
Role: PI
ER&IPR (DRDO, Government of India)
5 Design & Development of Ultra-Wideband Multi-Octave Gallium Nitride Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) based Power Amplifier. 2019-2022
Role: PI
IMPRINT2 (DST, Government of India)
6 Radio Frequency Power Amplifier Design & Distortion Mitigation for Energy and Spectrum Efficient 5G Wireless Transmitters. 2019-2022
Role: PI
SPARC (MHRD, Government of India)


Completed/ Finishing Projects:

Sl No Title Duration Sponsored By
1 Broad-Band Gallium Nitride Based Doherty Power Amplifier for Efficient Amplification of High Crest Factor Signals. 2014-2017
Role: PI
SERB, Government of India.
2 Study and Design Challenges in GaN MMIC based Power Amplifier at Ku-Band. 2017-2021
Role: PI
SSPL, DRDO, Government of India
3 Study of Design Feasibility for High Power GaN based Power Amplifier at Ku-Band in Hybrid MIC Technology. 2017-2019
Role: PI
ASemiT, DRDO, Government of India
4 Infrastructural grant under Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme for Electronics and IT. 2016-2020
Role: PI
DeitY, Government of India
5 Consultancy project “Experiments development for Software defined radio SDR-Lab” 2014
Role: PI
Industrial Client Amitec Electronics Ltd., New Delhi
6 Consultancy project “RF Power Amplifier Design based on SSPL GaN Devices” 2016-2018
Role: PI
SSPL, DRDO, Government of India
7 Training to BEL on “Efficient and Linearized Power Amplifier and Transmitters RF Power Amplifier” 2018-2019
Role: PI
BEL, Bengaluru, India
8 Training to BEL on “GaN based MMIC PA Design” 2019
Role: PI
BEL, Bengaluru, India
9 GIAN Course on RF Power Amplifier Design and Integration for 4G/5G Applications 2017
Role: PI
MHRD, Government of India


The research is driven towards hardware prototype development that are ready for product development and commercialization. For the product development and hardware commercialization, a start-up has been formed which is operating in B2B model.

Prototype Developed


The linearized amplifier technologies and services private limited (linear-amptech) is a start-up company formed by faculty and students of IIT Roorkee. The company is dedicated towards indigenous development of radio frequency front end and wireless solutions. The primary goal is to develop tangible product from in-house R & D and bring it to national as well as international market.